The Black Orb

An odd looking thing, big as a handball used as a summoning tool for the "Queen".


Found in the cellar of the Switzman estate together with the diary of Marion Switzman. Blackish, it seemed to be formed from the same substance that the city of the black tower was made of. After learning of the spell associated with summoning the queen, the Black Orb functioned as some sort of conductor. When faced with the entity that had taken the form of Gerry Augustine, the party held forth the Orb and executed the summoning ritual and the two realities became one for a short moment. The entity took on the form of a giant reptilian but was later banished by the Queen.

This lifted the “curse” over Eastfield and the Drug addiction was at once gone.
Elisabeth Switzman is now in the possession of the Black Orb.


The Black Orb

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